Master of Hydroponics

Dagwood, co-founder of R2C2 and cannabis cultivator with more than 20 years of growing experience, is a true artist. And if there’s one thing that he really understands, it’s hydroponics.

Academically trained, Hydroponically experienced.

Dagwood’s academic training in agriculture laid down the foundations for a lifetime of growing cannabis from an early age, but it’s his particular experience and expertise in hydroponics that sets R2C2 apart from all other dispensaries in Oklahoma. Over the past three decades, he has developed over 50 different hydroponics systems. He has worked as an advisory member for a number of hydroponics boards and remains at the forefront of what works and what doesn’t in the world of cannabis hydroponics.

On top of his experience and academic training, Dagwood enjoys the creative side of cannabis cultivation. As such, he has a list of proprietary strains attached to his name. His latest proprietary strain is a sativa-dominant, heady hybrid, named after himself (Dagwood), especially cultivated for the pleasure and wellbeing of all medical cannabis consumers who visit the R2C2 dispensary. Without a doubt, it’s his knowledge and guidance that makes a visit to the R2C2 dispensary one worth repeating.