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Whether you’re an experienced cannabis consumer, or you know next to nothing about the vast array of strains and medical cannabis products available, it’s always useful to have trustworthy information and advice to hand. Our carefully trained team is here to help you choose the right kind of product, strain, and dose, to best match your needs.

How can we assist you?

Feel free to visit us at the store to explore our strains and products in person. But if you’d prefer to review the many options available in the comfort of your own home, you can browse through the tips and information we’ve put together below…

What do you need to know?

You’ll be glad to know that Oklahoma has one of the least restrictive medical cannabis programs in the US. Requirements to purchase from our dispensary are minimal. You must be an Oklahoma resident, 18 years or older, and you must be able to present us with a board-certified physician’s signature authorizing you to treat your condition with medical cannabis. In the case of minors, a physician’s signature and a parent or guardian’s signature are both required. All medical conditions can be treated using cannabis in the state of Oklahoma.

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Get your Medical Cannabis Card.

Only a qualified doctor can help you get your Medical Cannabis Card and prescribe cannabis as a viable form of treatment. If your current doctor isn’t comfortable prescribing medical cannabis, ask to be referred to a medical professional who is comfortable issuing authorizations.

Apply for your medical marijuana card here

What about recreational cannabis?

Oklahoma is a regulated medical cannabis state. This means that it is only legal to consume cannabis in Oklahoma for medicinal purposes. Cannabis cannot be sold for recreational purposes.

Is the dispensary wheelchair accessible?

Yes! The dispensary is ADA accessible.

What about payment?

Pay by cash, Debit Cards, Credit cards.

There’s an over the counter ATM for cash withdrawals on site.

Veterans can get a 10% discount. They must show their veteran card or DD214 to qualify.

Feel free to ask lots of questions.

Whether you know what you want ahead of time or not, one of the best ways to get your bearings on your first visit to our dispensary is to ask as many questions as necessary. Our staff are ready and willing to give recommendations on strains they like, or to highlight strains that might be best suited for your medical needs. Let us guide you. If you’re looking for something to settle your tummy, tell us. If you’re interested in finding a relaxing indica to help you sleep better at night, then we want to know about it. There are no stupid questions. We’ve heard them all before and we’re happy to hear them all over again. Just ask us.

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