The Dispensary

From edibles to tinctures, and concentrates to flower, R2C2 is a medical cannabis dispensary that caters to a wide range of needs and tastes. But what makes us particularly special, is that we grow 100% of our flower using hydroponics, we craft two in-house brands with their own lines of cannabis products, and we’ve developed our very own proprietary hybrid strain, called Dagwood.

The Facility

Apart from the standard features that you’d expect from any medical cannabis dispensary, R2C2 houses a 13,500 sq/ft grow facility where we cultivate all the flower that we dispense, and a special viewing garden that gives customers the opportunity to learn about our growing methods and to see our grows in action.

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The grow facility

Our indoor, climate-controlled grow facility spans across 13,500 sq/ft of land. We cultivate 100% of the cannabis available at our dispensary using the most effective methods in hydroponic farming. It has taken over three decades of growing experience, hydroponics training, and tireless bouts of trial and error, to arrive to the hydroponic setup we employ today. Without a doubt, it’s our complete commitment to hydroponic growing techniques that sets us apart from any other dispensary in Oklahoma.

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The team

Our team offers three decades of cannabis growing experience, agricultural academic training, and local business knowhow.

Jason Powell GM R2C2
Jason moved here from Texas for his love of Cannabis and helping people. He has been inspired to help people strive to have a better quality of life without side effects of medication. Jason quote "Seeing the people I have encountered everyday that was once unable to function due to the different medications they were taking and now with the use of cannabis they are able to function without pain also become a better part of themselves." Working with my wife Elbony, we are definitely happy to be patient advocates. We love what we do and the people we meet.
Jason Powell

General Manager

Dagwood, co-founder of R2C2 and cannabis cultivator with more than 20 years of growing experience, is a true artist. With a list of proprietary strains attached to his name, his knowledge and guidance make the R2C2 dispensary experience one worth repeating. In fact, the Dagwood strain is his latest proprietary strain: a sativa-dominant, heady hybrid, specially cultivated for the pleasure and wellbeing of all medical cannabis consumers who visit the R2C2 dispensary.

Master Grower

Cesar Murillo
Cesar Murillo was born in Forth Worth, Texas. He is a first generation American son of two immigrant parents. With ambitious to be a cannabis entrepreneur, he is always furthering his education in the art of business as well as cannabis. He is bilingual, ambitious, emphatic, and persistent in bettering other people around him. Currently he is a patient care specialist at Red River Cannabis Coalition (R2C2) helping those who need guidance for the proper medicine.

I love people and want see as many people achieve their own happiness

Failure is something that is handed to everyone so I don’t let it break me

People rely on me at the end of the day, so I do my best to support them

Being active is a crucial part in my life, whether it be waling, running, swimming, or playing sport.

Spreading as much love as I can while I can.

Cesar Murillo

Patient Care Specialist

timothy spencer
New Life Security, LLC was founded by Timothy Spencer in 2014. Spencer is the Chief of Security in this company with a law enforcement background continuing since 2009. Spencer hires various kinds of security such as unarmed security, armed security, veteran unarmed/armed security, and off duty police officers. New Life Security is looking forward to securing Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries and grow facilities to protect employees and adders from potential outside threats of violence and theft. Contact Spencer for a hassle free assessment.

New Life Security,

Timothy Spencer

580-467-9247 cell

Timothy Spencer


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Come by our Edmond dispensary on 14901 N Kelley Avenue. We are open Monday through Saturday and have our trained product consultants ready to take care of your every need.

14901 N Kelley Avenue, Edmond, Oklahoma, 73013.

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Flower from our grow facility

We cultivate 100% of the cannabis we dispense using carefully developed hydroponic growing techniques. When selecting the strains that we choose to grow, we prioritize the cultivation of those with strong foundation genetics, while offering our clients a regular rotation of classic and modern hybrids at the same time. Our dispensary guarantees an even balance of color, aroma, taste, and effect. From white and orange, to purple and green. From pungent skunk, to mildly fruity. We offer variety, but we never compromise on quality.