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We’re experts in the cultivation of quality cannabis, with over 20 years of growing experience, and a proprietary strain, named Dagwood, on our menu. We are the Red River Cannabis Coalition, a medical cannabis dispensary in Oklahoma like no other.

Cannabis heals and we’re here to share it.

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Master Grower

Darren Doherty, co-founder of R2C2 and cannabis cultivator with more than 20 years of growing experience, is a true artist. With a list of proprietary strains attached to his name, his knowledge and guidance make the R2C2 dispensary experience one worth repeating. In fact, Dagwood is Darren’s latest proprietary strain: a sativa-dominant, heady hybrid, specially cultivated for the pleasure and wellbeing of all medical cannabis consumers who visit the R2C2 dispensary.

Darren’s academic training in agriculture laid down the foundations for a lifetime of growing cannabis, but it’s his particular experience and expertise in hydroponics that sets R2C2 apart from all other dispensaries in Oklahoma.

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Darren Doherty


In our 13,500 sq/ft facility, we cultivate 14 different strains, and one of them is a proprietary hybrid strain, named Dagwood. With an attractive appearance, that’s brimming with trichomes and purple on the finish, Dagwood is a sweet, pungent testament to our cultivating prowess.

Clean growing practises

We’re dedicated to the use of green, conscious, growing practices, and we don’t use bleach or any other chemicals in our facilities.

Minimal waste

100% of the waste we generate is good old H2O. As we expand from 20 acres to 100 acres of farmland, and use our agricultural license to cultivate hemp in partnership with a nearby agricultural college, 100% of the waste-water we generate will be used to irrigate the hemp that we grow.

100% hydroponics

We’re the only dispensary in Oklahoma that grows 100% of its cannabis using hydroponics. In our experience, hydroponic grows produce cannabis of the highest quality. Our methods guarantee premium products.

Find your way to the dispensary

We’re not open for business just yet, but you won’t have to wait too much longer. And when we do open our doors, this is where you will find us:

14901 N Kelley Avenue, Edmond, Oklahoma, 73013.

Stay tuned for the moment when we cut that silky red ribbon!

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The dispensary


Pure originals, classic and modern hybrids, and Dagwood... our proprietary strain.

viewing garden

Watch our grows in action from our purpose-built viewing garden and waiting area.


We don’t just sell cannabis, we grow it in our specialist grow facility.

in-house brands

PhyshFood and Med Zeppelin

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If there’s any social network where those interested in cannabis should hang out, it’s Instagram. So, naturally, you can find the Red River Cannabis Coalition on there too.

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